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Roofing Contractors: “Pointivo separates us from our competition. It’s a step above the rest.”

By October 14, 2020February 27th, 2023No Comments

In September 2020, RT3: The Roofing Technology Think Tank Podcast hosted a conversation about innovation in commercial roofing. Podcast host Ryan Goth welcomed John Kiesel of Division 7 Roofing, Jeremy Dickmann of PRIMM Roofing, and Brad Beldon of Beldon Roofing to discuss Pointivo’s AI-driven inspection technology and how it is pushing the roofing industry into the future. Citing their experience using the application, RT3’s guests asserted that Pointivo’s solution is a game changer that helps set them apart from the competition. 

Diving in, Ryan asked the roofing business owners to share the business case for Pointivo’s solution and what value it brings to their operations. “The ROI comes from the quality – when you’re pricing a project and get to see real imagery of the roof without going to the property yourself… we feel that we’re cutting our man hours in half,” said Kiesel. “From a sales perspective, we’re providing our clients with a differentiator. The report and imagery separate us from our competition … it’s a step above the rest.” 

The group also addressed how Pointivo’s solution has helped them to effectively take their customers’ roofs off the market. “The technology helps us become a partner to our customers for the long term,” explained Dickmann. “We like the repeatability of it … you have a history or timeline of that building that locks the customer in with you because they can’t get those images from anyone else. We look at it as a long-term relationship builder.”  

Beldon was quick to highlight the cost and time savings Pointivo’s technology affords. “Our immediate ROI is that the drone flight itself is cheaper than the airflight to get someone to the site, so everything on top of that is a savings: the hotel, rental car, climbing the ladder, and having our commercial sales rep away from the office,” said Beldon. “We think of it as a 75 percent savings on what it would normally cost to send somebody out to a potential job site. Time-wise, we’re saving a minimum of two days.”   

Pointivo Spatial IQ: Commercial Roofing analyzes imagery of your customer’s roofing structure from manned aircraft and drones to extract location, measurement and understanding of physical assets and structures. Combining AI, computer vision, and advanced analytics, the application delivers the information needed to quickly estimate roof repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs, or track roof deficiencies.  It dramatically reduces the time spent on a roof assessment and inventory by automatically delivering finely detailed, accurate dimensional data and insights, fostering long-term customer relationships and setting you apart from the competition.

Listen to the full RT3 podcast episode here, and give us a call to learn more about Pointivo’s commercial roofing solution.