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Residential Roofing + Solar Drone Inspection Software

The Analytics Engine Behind Every Major Drone Platform

Residential Roofing + Solar Drone Inspection Solutions

Pointivo’s Residential Roofing + Solar application delivers detailed roof measurements and analysis extracted from drone imagery. Our fully automated process utilizes the industry’s largest trained roofing AI models, based on tens of millions of data points. We provide access to our roofing service via industry-standard, RESTful APIs and deliver outputs in a wide range of formats to fit every business application.

Pointivo’s Residential Roofing + Solar is utilized by every major drone platform – we are the drone analytics behind the largest solar design and insurance analytics solutions in the market. Because the vast majority of drone-based roofing imagery passes through our system, we have the most accurate and highly trained AI engine for the roofing industry.

Residential Roofing + Solar Drone Inspection Supports

Solar Installation

Drone Platforms / Pilot Networks & Aerial Imagery Platforms


  • Scale your estimating and design process with fully generated detailed CAD drawings, including roof penetrations and tree heights
  • Embed detailed roof measurements in your output automatically
  • Offer differentiated analytics to your customers
  • Build estimates using current highly accurate roofing measurements and conditions
  • Support remote workforce with contactless quote generation

Roofing & Solar Drone Inspection Application Features

Solar Design

Full CAD solar design files generated from drone-captured imagery.


Fully automated generation of roof measurements and detailed characteristics of roofs

API Access & JSON Measurement Data

Data package includes comprehensive measurement data in a variety of formats, easy to integrate into other applications and processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by industry-leading AI engine trained with tens of millions of data points captured since 2015

“Pointivo is the leader in the roofing analytics space. They are the only provider of roofing analytics who offers a highly accurate automated solution for high-res drone imagery. The ease of integration and their ability to adapt their roofing solution to our specific needs and related data shows the power of their platform.”

Leading Drone Services Company


Grow & Differentiate Your Services with Pointivo Residential Roofing + Solar Drone Inspection

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