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Drone Inspection Software

Automated Drone Inspection Across Industries

Our groundbreaking physical asset inspection platform has helped the most innovative industry-leading companies simplify processes and decisions related to physical assets.

Pointivo’s drone inspection services & solutions deliver complete, fast and accurate automated measurement, inspection, damage detection and assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation. Our inspection platform has broad application across many different commercial industries, from telecom to commercial roofing and others listed below.

Value of Drone Inspection Solutions

  • Automated Measurement
  • Mount mapping
  • Physical Asset Inspection and Conditional Assessment
  • Damage Detection
  • Inventory Management
  • Scoping/Budgeting
  • Risk Mitigation & Crew Safety

Pointivo's Drone Inspection Platform Features

  • Patented Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated platform
  • Powerful AI-driven 3D visualization engine
  • Analyzes sensor data from multiple devices (manned aerial, drones, mobile)
  • Provides unique data about physical assets
  • Powers wide range of applications across many industries
  • Accelerates traditionally expensive, manual processes, including measurement, damage estimation, assessment and inventory management
  • Optimized for model training in the 3D environment, minimal training required to achieve industry-leading precision and recall
Digital Twin Inspection Platform infographic

Benefits for Stakeholders Across All Industries

drone inspection services



Drone inspections allow engineers to save time, lower costs, make more informed decisions, and operate from a safe distance via aerial inspection. Eliminate return inspections due to missing in-field data by accessing a complete digital catalog of tower structures and assets


Carriers are able to manage their infrastructure with greater efficiency and offer services at an increased speed of deployment. Streamlining cell tower inspection data collection for engineering requirements driven by tower modifications.

Tower Owners

Our innovative and new technology offers owners a more accurate and verifiable assessment of wind loading and structural impact. Drone inspections reduce safety risk and maintain compliance by decreasing the number of tower climbs needed with non destructive testing methods.

General Contractors

Unmanned aerial vehicles like drones offer accelerated deployment and more valuable utilization of tower crew knowledge and expertise. Equipped with drones, contractors can perform bridge inspections, industrial inspections, and more with ease via aerial inspection.

Tower Technicians

Drones allow for the reassignment of crews for mods and installs, yielding greater return on their efforts. Support 5G build-outs by increasing your teams’ capacity to inspect and collect data digitally, in addition to tower climbs.

drone inspection image analysis

Building Owners, Roofing, Solar

REITS & Building Owners

Facility owners with many properties benefit from drone analytics that can operate at scale. Pointivo’s turn-key solution partners with thousands of DSPs who can deliver quality data and analytics to quickly estimate for repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs or track roof deficiencies – all while keeping boots safely on the ground. These services dramatically reduce the time spent on a roof assessment and inventory by automatically delivering finely detailed, accurate dimensional data and insights.

Building Managers

Pointivo’s cloud-based platform helps facility managers drastically reduce emergency repairs with immediate access to the condition of their roof and building exteriors across their entire portfolio. With a centralized database with actionable data showing inventory and deficiency reports, managers can prioritize and group maintenance projects to streamline contractor bidding and reduce excessive capital investment.

Energy, Solar, Construction

Home Owners

Residential home owners can benefit from remote drone analytics and inspection reports to help make smart and fast decisions in regards to installing solar, doing construction.

Construction Companies

Construction crews can leverage drone analytic technology powered by Pointivo to drive quicker, more powerful results for their customers compared to traditional methods.

Pointivo's Drone Inspection Solutions For Telecom

Sales/Lease Planning

Pointivo’s Tower Analytics accurately quantifies the available space at cell sites, on the tower/rooftop and on the ground.  Accurate dimensional data facilitates the site selection, application and leasing process for all parties.  Whether you are seeking specific metrics for installs or modifications, or marketing capacity at a site, having exact information on the tower and compound, accessible from anywhere, accelerates the deployment timeline, and lease start date.

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Tower Inspection Audits (TIAs)

Under current standards, there are certain requirements that tower technicians must perform, but utilizing drone data and Pointivo tower analytics ahead of the technicians, dramatically reduces the necessary time on site and report assembly – by as much as 80% – increasing crew capacity and report consistency. Highly accurate 3D digital twins and 360 digital imagery also provide a permanent record of the tower condition that can be compared against future inspections, and gives maintenance/repair crews the information they need to perform required work in a single visit.

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Mount Mapping

Pointivo delivers complete and accurate mount mappings in as little as 5 days. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify all appurtenances by manufacturer and model and precisely measure and verify all member dimensions. Using drone captured data, we can save weeks in lead time, and provide a traditional report, uploadable files and access to our analytics platform, enabling an engineer to review and input data into mount analysis software in 30 minutes or less.

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Pre/Post Construction Audits

If you are scoping/bidding a project, Pointivo provides critical tower and site information that prevents repeat visits and costly overruns. Verification of the safety equipment condition ensures crews can safely perform their work. Post construction, both for closeout inspection and lease compliance, all parties will have a single, timely and accurate version of the truth.

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Structural & Civil Engineering

Engineering design and structural analysis relies on precise measurement detail of everything on a tower and mount. Utilizing hi-res drone imagery, the Pointivo digital twin and AI-driven tower analytics extract accurate measurement and verify precise dimensions of mount members. Pointivo provides engineers with engineering grade accuracy in report formats that may be directly input into mount analysis programs.

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Tower Acquisition (M&A)

The digitization of cell towers is becoming increasingly more important to the valuation of tower portfolios. Whether buying or selling, knowing the condition and lease potential of the portfolio relies heavily on accurate data. Our tower analytics will quickly and accurately establish available space and condition assessment before or during due diligence.

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According to our Partners,
We’re Changing the Game

This single drone inspection platform is a gamechanger for our partners and customers, reducing onsite asset inspections to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

President, National Roofing Partners (NRP)

Pointivo is the leader in the roofing analytics space. They are the only provider of roofing analytics who offers a highly accurate automated solution for high-res drone imagery.

The Pointivo Platform is at the forefront of what's possible in the high-res imagery analytics space. Pointivo's platform offers the best tower inspection capabilities in a seamless 3D environment, greatly streamlining our customers' manual processes; and it integrates perfectly with our tower flight software for the most complete tower analytics solution on the market.

Leading Drone Data Company

The Pointivo Platform for telecom is a critical component to our tower audit process. They have created an ingenious integration of 2D imagery in a 3D environment to greatly speed up our processes with drone technology. They are clearly experts in their field

Global Leader in Wireless Infrastructure

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