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Drone Inspection Services

Automated Drone Inspection Across Industries

Our groundbreaking physical asset inspection platform has helped the most innovative industry-leading companies simplify processes and decisions related to physical assets. Our drone inspection services & solutions specialize in the areas of automated measurement, inspection, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation. Our platform has broad application across many different commercial industries.

Benefits of Drone Inspection Services

  • Automated Measurement
  • Physical Asset Inspection
  • Damage Detection
  • Assessment
  • Inventory Management
  • Budgeting
  • Risk Mitigation

Pointivo's Drone Inspection Platform Features

  • Patented Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated platform
  • Powerful AI-driven 3D visualization engine
  • Analyzes sensor data from multiple devices (manned aerial, drones, mobile)
  • Provides unique data about physical assets 
  • Powers wide range of applications across many industries
  • Accelerates traditionally expensive, manual processes, including measurement, damage estimation, assessment and inventory management
  • Optimized for model training in the 3D environment, minimal training required to achieve industry-leading precision and recall
Digital Twin Inspection Platform infographic

According to our Partners,
We’re Changing the Game

This single platform is a gamechanger for our partners and customers, reducing onsite inspection to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Deryl KratzerVice President, National Roofing Partners (NRP)

Pointivo is the leader in the roofing analytics space. They are the only provider of roofing analytics who offers a highly accurate automated solution for high-res drone imagery.

Leading Drone Services Company

The Pointivo Platform is at the forefront of what’s possible in the high-res imagery analytics space. Pointivo’s platform offers the best tower inspection capabilities in a seamless 3D environment, greatly streamlining our customers’ manual processes; and it integrates perfectly with our tower flight software for the most complete tower analytics solution on the market.

Leading Drone and Data Company

The Pointivo Platform for telecom is a critical component to our tower audit process. They have created an ingenious integration of 2D imagery in a 3D environment to greatly speed up our processes. They are clearly experts in their field

Global Leader in Wireless Infrastructure

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