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This single platform is a game-changer for our partners and customers, reducing onsite inspection to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

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Proactively maintained roofs save

per square foot a year.

Proactively maintained roofs last an average of 21 years compared to 13 years for reactively maintained roofs, also saving 11 cents per square foot a year.

Transform Your Exterior Facilities Assessment Strategy Using AI-based Data Intelligence From Pointivo

Pointivo improves the way customers manage facilities through proactive inspection and maintenance assessments technology. Our team delivers fast, accurate exterior assessments through an automated platform that combines artificial intelligence data with high-resolution 2D and 3D imagery. Clients gain the insight they need to transition their maintenance process from reactive emergency repairs to a more thorough and detailed facilities management process.

Drone Automated Facility Assessment

Automated Facility Assessment
  • Drone pilots in our network fly facilities in your portfolio
  • Pointivo processes and analyzes data using artificial intelligence
  • Facility assessment data delivered to your dashboard in days

Quickly Prioritize Your Facility Management Budget Using Conditional Assessment Data Through One Application

Proper facilities management using advanced digital technology can translate to years of savings when combined with a proactive maintenance and inspection strategy.

Pointivo’s cloud-based platform helps facility managers drastically reduce emergency repairs with immediate access to the condition of their roof and building exteriors across their entire portfolio. With a centralized database showing inventory and deficiency reports, managers can prioritize and group maintenance projects to streamline contractor bidding and reduce excessive capital investment.

Benefits of a proactive digital assessment solution

Accurate rooftop systems modeling, measurements, equipment inventory, and deficiencies through digital, AI-based technology

Reduce safety risks associated with manual assessments

One centralized application allows managers to distribute all measurements and deficiency reports to multiple contractors easily

Improve capital spend by quickly prioritizing and tracking deficiencies of site assets and equipment

Increase transparency across all vendors and property portfolios

Expedite planning, inspections, and warranty and claim resolutions faster than manual processes

Validate Facility Assessments With an Objective Digital Approach to Maintenance Planning

Using high-resolution imagery, AI, computer vision, and advanced analytics from Pointivo, customers can eliminate risk and inefficiencies associated with manual rooftop and building assessments.

Digital mapping technology improves your facility assessments by delivering objectivity to each conditional assessment through highly detailed analysis. Reduce safety risks and create a more efficient assessment strategy without sacrificing budget or quality.

Rethink Your ROI Strategy

  • Reduce liability associated with rooftop site visits through drone and aerial technology
  • Reduce maintenance costs by only servicing necessary deficiencies
  • Optimize capital spend with more accurate budget planning data
  • Avoid emergency repairs and catastrophic incidents
  • Ensure business continuity by standardizing service levels across sites
  • Capitalize on bulk purchases and save annually through proactive competitive bidding
  • More accurately allocate funds across portfolio based on historical data
  • Avoid loss of revenue due to emergency repairs
  • Increase portfolio value due to better building management

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