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Pointivo for Asset Inspection

w/ patented SmartNav™ Technology

Capture. Inspect. Report.

One Enterprise Inspection Platform for Every Physical Asset

Pointivo for Asset Inspection is an AI-driven inspection platform that accelerates the discovery, observation, and resolution of problem areas on all of your physical asset types using digital twins.

Pointivo’s patented digital twin software platform provides SmartNav™ technology for precise 360° visual inspection for high-resolution accuracy. Pointivo for Asset Inspection also offers a flexible reporting tool that is built for ease of use and speed so that you can identify precise issues immediately and accurately with our AI-driven assistant called DigitalTwinGPT™.

As an industry pioneer, beginning as a white-labeled software platform, Pointivo has earned Fortune 500 customers in telecom, facility and property management, oil and gas, utilities, leading tech, engineering, and consulting firms, and specialized drone service providers. Pointivo for Asset Inspection brings our sophisticated software platform into one easy-to-use tool for every enterprise asset.

Transmission Towers for Asset Inspection

Inspect the overall condition, mechanical wear, and corrosion levels on the tower. Detect missing components such as isolator parts and view foundation issues – all safely, while improving operational efficiency.

Facilities & Properties for Asset Inspection

Inspect facades, roofs, pavement, signage, and interiors on assets across your portfolio avoiding traditional wait times, errors, and costs, while planning your budgets and maintaining repairs effectively.

Every Asset for Inspection

Inspect the unexpected. Pointivo for Asset Inspection monitors and manages every asset across your portfolio to help you inspect challenging assets, break down silos, support workforce shortages, and fix problem areas quickly lowering inspection costs and keeping workers safe.

Capture Once. Inspect Many. Report Easily.


Locate assets across your portfolio.


Observe multiple problem areas.


Generate custom reports.

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"Pointivo's platform allowed us to complete a facade inspection in one-fourth of the time and we saved the client 60% of the budget. This enables us to provide more accurate data, get paid faster, scale our business, and take on additional projects."

Chief Building Envelope Consultant
Photo Credit: Aerial UAS Solutions and BEPG