Powering Deeper Understanding of Physical Assets Through AI & Computer Vision

Pointivo: Pioneers in Spatial Intelligence

Who We Are

We are world-class AI and Computer Vision software experts.

Pointivo, a pioneer in spatial intelligence, creates cutting-edge technologies that empower deeper understanding of the physical world.

Combining machine learning, computer vision and advanced analytics, the Pointivo Spatial IQ platform analyzes images from common capture methods — from manned aerial to drones and mobile devices — to automatically extract location, measurement and understanding about physical assets and structures, with the highest-level accuracy. Through spatial intelligence, Pointivo empowers customers across numerous markets with unique perspectives for insightful action, impacting business decisions relating to measurement, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation.

Our Culture

At Pointivo, we want to make our own unique dent in the universe. We hold each other and our leadership to a higher standard and we recognize fully that standing for something is more than just writing it down. We believe it. We live it. And we’ll call out anyone who goes against it — respectfully, of course.

Our Team

We are a team of world-class engineers focused on solving our clients’ most challenging business problems while leading them into the future of what’s possible through the use of powerful computer vision and AI.

Dan Ciprari

Co-Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur with over 25-years-experience founding, leading and successfully exiting technology companies. He advised Dr. Fathi while serving as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Advanced Development Technology Center (ATDC) and co-founded Pointivo to commercialize the technology.

Dr. Habib Fathi

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Fathi earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and continued his research on spatial data collection of large-scale structures. He is a recognized expert in videogrammetry and computer vision and developed the algorithms powering Pointivo.

Our IP

At Pointivo, we take a strategic approach to patents and IP by focusing protection on large impact areas that align with our relevant markets. Our areas of issued and pending US Patent Protection include:

  • Accurate extraction of surface boundaries in point clouds
  • Extraction of 3D objects from scene information
  • Automatic generation of wireframes using CV + ML
  • Intelligence data capture and inspection report
  • Concurrent visualization of multiple types of sensor data

Issued Patents:

  • US10592765
  • US10032310
  • US9904867
  • US9886774
  • US9460517
  • US8897539

Our Careers

Do you want to work with talented and passionate colleagues on really hard problems? Join us! We’re always looking for smart, self-motivated and intellectually curious people to join our team. If that sounds like you, drop us a line!

Our Partners

We work with the world’s leading drone platforms, drone pilot networks and aerial imagery providers as well as Fortune 1000 companies and leaders in each market segment. Our partners rely on us and the power of our Spatial IQ platform to deliver differentiated analytics and rich intelligence.

Pointivo: Pioneers in Spatial Intelligence