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Pointivo's Drone Data Analytics Platform

drone data analytics platform

AI-Powered Drone Analytics for Intelligent Decision-Making

Pointivo’s drone data analytics platform is a cloud-based software platform that analyzes data from common capture methods — from manned aircraft to drones and mobile devices — to automatically identify and extract location, measurement and detailed understanding about physical assets and structures, with the highest-level accuracy.

By applying AI to the 3D physical world, we create and extract new discoveries, views and insights that go beyond what typical image analytics or manual processes can achieve. We define this as Physical Asset Inspection.  We are automating the discovery and application of Physical Asset Inspection to accelerate traditionally expensive, manual processes around physical assets.

Serving as the core infrastructure of all our applications, Pointivo’s drone data analytics platform allows us to quickly deploy powerful solutions across multiple industries with minimal development time and with a fraction of training data, all while supporting your remote workforce.

Pointivo's Drone Data Analytics Platform Performs Across Industry

Our groundbreaking drone data analytics platform has helped the most innovative industry-leading companies simplify processes and decisions related to physical assets. We specialize in the areas of automated measurement, inspection, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation. Our platform has broad application across many different commercial industries.

Commercial Roofing

Facility Management

Residential Roofing + Solar




Drone Data Analytics Platform Benefits

  • Patented Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated platform
  • Powerful AI-driven 3D visualization engine
  • Analyzes sensor data from multiple devices (manned aerial, drones, mobile)
  • Provides unique data about physical assets 
  • Powers wide range of applications across many industries
  • Accelerates traditionally expensive, manual processes, including measurement, damage estimation, assessment and inventory management
  • Optimized for model training in the 3D environment, minimal training required to achieve industry-leading precision and recall
Digital Twin Inspection Platform infographic

Drone Data Analytics Platform Features

  • RESTful Platform APIs
  • Cloud-hosted web services and web-based tools
  • Secure OAuth-2.0 compliant authentication
  • Fully-scalable elastic cloud computing infrastructure
  • Extensible domain-specific API endpoints for easy integration
  • Advanced 3D visualization tools
  • Patented Physical Asset Inspection cognitive services engine


Unlock a New World of Asset Inspection & Drone Data Analytics

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