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Pointivo Spatial IQ: Energy

Pointivo Spatial IQ: Energy

Pointivo’s Spatial IQ: Energy platform is utilized by the top drone platforms to solve real problems in the energy industry. The platform ingests high-resolution drone imagery and utilizes integrated AI, computer vision and advanced analytics to offer time and cost-saving capabilities while keeping your remote workforce safe.

Pointivo works with drone partners and innovative utility partners using unique Spatial IQ specified flight patterns to assist inspection of equipment and automate traditionally expensive and time-consuming tasks such as the asset management of transmission and distribution lines. The platform’s 3D AI training methods offer minimal annotation and training to achieve industry-leading prediction accuracy.

Spatial IQ: Energy Supports

Electric Utility

Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind)

Drone Platforms/Pilot Networks

  • Enables high scale inventory and inspection
  • Enables proactive identification of defects
  • Accelerates asset inventory workflow
  • Alternative to costly and low fidelity vegetation encroachment techniques

Application Features

  • API access for simple integration into drone capture asset inventory workflow
  • AI-driven automatic identification of pole assets
  • Powered by industry-leading AI engine
  • Simple drone flight plan guidelines
  • 3D inspection support
  • High-resolution drone imagery
  • Powerful visualization engine to view AI results
  • Advanced damage detection capabilities
  • Advanced vegetation encroachment capabilities

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