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The Past, Present, and Future of Drones and Asset Inspection

Commercial drone use has emerged as an important tool for asset inspection across multiple large industries. From the very early days of simply providing imagery from unique perspectives to where we are today with drone data analysis, commercial drone use is now mainstream. But that is nothing compared to where we are going. The future…
Dan Ciprari
September 15, 2022

Pointivo Delivers Full, Accurate Mount Mapping Report at NATE UAS Expo 2022

The only company to deliver mount mapping report of sample tower in less than 24 hours The NATE UAS event, hosted at Valmont in Valley Nebraska, was held to assess the progress of drone captured data and analytics in the telecommunications infrastructure industry. Eight different companies demonstrated their drone inspection capabilities. Pointivo flew the tower,…
July 28, 2022
The Digitization of the Tower & Roofing Industry
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The Digitization of the Tower & Roofing Industry

How AI-powered drone inspection and analytic advancement has paved the way for disruption. By Maury Margol Technology regularly improves the efficiency and scalability of an industry. Examples of digitizing pen and paper include books, airline tickets, music, and on the B2B side mapping, photography, printing, etc. We’re witnessing a similar shift to digitization and its…
Maury Margol
May 23, 2022
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Platform Reduces Timeline to Complete Tower Mount Mapping

Pointivo‘s AI-Powered Analytics Platform Reduces Timeline to Complete Tower Mount Mapping By Up To 90% Company leverages innovative technology and extensive data catalog to quickly and accurately complete tower mount mapping and analysisATLANTA (April 26, 2022) -- Pointivo, the leading software platform provider for asset inspection using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision, announces today…
April 26, 2022