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Drone Roof Inspection Solutions

A New Standard for Remote Commercial Roof Assessments

Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection Services

Pointivo’s Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection Software analyzes imagery of your customer’s roofing structure from manned aircraft and drones to extract location, measurement and understanding of physical assets and structures while keeping your workforce at a safe, remote distance.

Our commercial roofing drone inspection software combines AI, computer vision and advanced analytics to deliver the information needed to quickly estimate for repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs or track roof deficiencies – all while keeping boots safely on the ground.  It dramatically reduces the time spent on a roof assessment and inventory by automatically delivering finely detailed, accurate dimensional data and insights.

The platform provides commercial roofers and contractors with a powerful tool that will impact business decisions relating to measurement, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation.

Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection Supports

Commercial Roofing Contractors

  • Easy planning, monitoring and maintenance of a facility’s roofing structure
  • Improve safety and foster contactless work by keeping boots on the ground
  • Differentiate your service with the most innovative and powerful asset visualization and reporting tools


  • Facilitate production and design with new roofing installations


  • Reduce boots on roof time
  • Speed deficiency detection
  • Accelerate traditionally expensive manual processes


  • View sites in advance with aerial site plans
  • Know what to expect and how to mobilize your team in advance of work starting

Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection Platform Features

Automated Roof Measurements and Takeoff

Highly accurate measurement of area, length and quantity of penetrations and equipment

drone roof inspection software

Automated Roof Assessment

AI-assisted identification of roof deficiencies, including precise location and square/linear footage of each problem area

Turn-key Reporting Solution

Total solution includes drone pilot network, flight, analytics and custom-branded reports

Additional Features

  • Turn-key drone pilot flight, analytics, and reporting solution
  • High-resolution drone imagery
  • 2D & 3D measurement data of roof system
  • Automatic identification of roof inventory
  • Measurement of area, length and quantity of penetrations and equipment
  • Advanced take-off reports
  • Sharable dynamic roof assessment reports
  • Easy integration of thermal sensor data

The Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection platform provides our Partners with a smarter, safer and more accurate method for roof analysis. This single platform is a gamechanger for our Partners and customers, reducing onsite inspection to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Deryl KratzerVice President, NRP

Pointivo’s Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection platform is changing the game for roof assessments. With this product, the Roofing Industry now has access to 3rd party Drone Pilots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reinvent the way we inspect our roofs. It's amazing to see, from your office, the level of roof system clarity and turnaround times that are 80% faster than it’s being done today. One day every Roofing Contractor will be using Pointivo’ s turnkey solution or they will be left behind.

Steve LittlePresident, KPost

One of our customers in San Diego hired a roof consultant to assess all 500 of their commercial roofs. In three months, the consultants had only completed seven buildings. We shared with the customer we could do all 500 buildings in three months using Pointivo’s Commercial Roofing Drone Inspection platform. The combination of AI with over 15,000 pilots nationwide has translated to a highly scalable roof assessment solution. Our customers are currently integrating the automated drone inspection platform with their preventive maintenance programs to maintain the long term health of their roofs.

Rodney ShraderPresident, NRP


Reduce Costs, Improve Safety & Save Time with Pointivo’s Drone Roof Inspection Software

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