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Pointivo Spatial IQ: Telecom

Pointivo Spatial IQ: Telecom

Pointivo’s Spatial IQ: Telecom cloud-based application utilizes drone-captured imagery to generate digital twins of field assets through a fully automated pipeline that guarantees the highest accuracy and speed while ensuring employee safety.

Our powerful AI-driven visualization engine enables seamless 2D to 3D experiences, enabling ultra-efficient audit and other workflows. Spatial IQ: Telecom can enable a complete end-to-end full tower audit in as little as 30 minutes with industry-leading accuracy — consistent sub-1/4” accuracy on a 400-foot tower.

Spatial IQ: Telecom Supports

Tower Owners

  • Improve efficiency with full tower audits in as little as 30 mins
  • Enables the ability to virtually walk the tower to perform detailed inspections
  • Synchronize and clean existing data through Legacy Enterprise Database and Catalog integrations
  • Enables sales teams to determine unused space on the tower


  • Ensure compliance with tower contract lease terms
  • Inventory of all equipment on tower with detailed measurements
  • Visualize equipment on the tower pre- and post-construction

Tower Engineering Services

  • Ensure staff safety with remote tape drops, virtual equipment inspections and safety walks
  • Accurately measure all dimensions of tower and equipment to sub-⅛” accuracy (to assist with tower load management)

Drone Platform / Pilot Networks

  • Embed measurements in your output automatically
  • Offer differentiated analytics to your customers

Application Features

Seamless high-res imagery for 3D inspection

Powerful 3D visualization tools seamlessly integrate high-res imagery to allow users to virtually “walk the tower” from any angle

Integrated equipment catalogs and contracts

Audit customer contracts by associating antennas, dishes, ancillary equipment, mounts, lines and ground space equipment from your equipment catalogs with your customer’s contract lease terms

Precise measurements

Industry-leading accuracy allows precise modeling of antenna azimuth, tilt, height above ground and more

Additional Features

  • Industry-leading accuracy 
    • Sub-1/4” RAD center accuracy on a 400-foot tower
    • Sub- 1/8″ accuracy on tower equipment dimensions
    • 0.5-degree accuracy on measuring azimuth, elevation and tilt of tower equipment
  • Fully-autonomous processing pipeline
  • Single, consolidated tool for full management of tower asset inventory
  • AI-driven automatic categorization and mapping of equipment in the scene

Spatial IQ: Telecom analytics app is at the forefront of what’s possible in the high-res imagery analytics space. Pointivo’s platform offers the best tower inspection capabilities in a seamless 3D environment, greatly streamlining our customers’ manual processes; and it integrates perfectly with our Tower Flight software for the most complete Tower Analytics solution on the market.

Leading Commercial Drone and Data Company

Pointivo’s Spatial IQ: Telecom solution is a critical component to our tower audit process. They have created an ingenious integration of 2D imagery in a 3D environment to greatly speed up our processes. They are clearly experts in their field.

Global Leader in Wireless Infrastructure

Manage Tower Assets Virtually with Pointivo Spatial IQ: Telecom

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