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Way more than pretty pictures of towers. This is real data that drives our tower management processes and improves how we create key deliverables.

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Powered Digital Twins In The Last Year, and Counting

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Pointivo Tower Analytics Platform

The Pointivo platform transforms audit and inspection workflows with dimensionally accurate 3D digital twins and AI-powered analytics. Pointivo’s patented solutions revolutionize the way companies collect and manage their physical asset data, improving business decisions through accuracy and science.

Designed as a powerful, yet intuitive tool, Pointivo Tower Analytics uses rich 3D visualization, integrated with legacy databases, equipment catalogs, and engineering software programs that drive more efficient wireless infrastructure initiatives.

The next generation of wireless infrastructure management

Manage tower data using drone technology and an AI-powered platform
Accelerate tower asset deliverables through an on-demand central data repository
Increase project turnaround, volume and revenue

Pinpoint Accuracy Delivered in Days, not Weeks

Our comprehensive 3D modeling software collects tower imagery from drones, mobile devices, low flying aircraft, and other sources and converts it to rich 2D and 3D digital replicas with dimensional accuracy to +/- 0.5 cm on a 400-foot tower.

Automated AI-driven detection and identification features recognize asset data based on integrations with antenna equipment and mount structure catalogs. Customers have 24/7 access to a “digital twin” of tower structures and surrounding ground space, all through one comprehensive web-based platform.

Automated Tower Data Collection & Analytics

Optimizing Tower Managment

Optimized Automated Flight

  • Specialized tower flight patterns
  • Optimized for monopole, guyed, and self-support towers
  • Reduces onsite flight and capture time

Automated Processing Pipeline

  • 3D photogrammetry engine specialized for telecom
  • Industry-leading accuracy, ±0.5 cm
  • Processing thousands of towers per month
  • AI-powered tower equipment detection

Digital Twin & Tower Analytics

  • Visualization of 3D CAD & photogrammetric data
  • Virtual inspection & measurement tools
  • Centralized tower equipment repository
  • Automated detection and comparison of equipment changes over time

Central repository of tower structures and equipment

Single, consolidated tool for tower asset inventory management
Immersive 2D & 3D visualization of the tower, ground space, and surrounding infrastructure
Automated AI-driven detection and identification of antennas and other equipment
Flexible two-way integration with legacy databases and engineering software solutions

Bring Tower Inspections into the Digital Age

Tower Engineering Firms

  • Accurately measure dimensions of tower structures, mounts and equipment for faster mapping and data collection to drive engineering deliverables
  • Accelerate the delivery of design and structural analysis, maintenance, and inspection reporting
  • Eliminate return inspections due to missing in-field data by accessing a complete digital catalog of tower structures and assets

Tower Owners

  • Increase accuracy and turnaround time for TIA’s and audits for contract compliance from weeks to days
  • Rapidly determine available space on towers to drive sales and leasing contracts
  • Reduce safety risk and maintain compliance by decreasing the number of tower climbs

Network Carriers

  • Support 5G build-outs by quickly collecting tower data regardless of weather, resources, or data constraints
  • Review high-resolution “digital twin” images to confirm precise equipment placement with detailed measurements, structural data, and ground space
  • Streamline data collection for engineering requirements driven by tower modifications

Cell Site Technicians

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of tower reporting using precise digital imagery and equipment measurements
  • Reduce repetitive tower climbs and safety risks by integrating drone technology for mount mapping and equipment inventory inspection
  • Support 5G build-out by increasing your teams’ capacity to inspect and collect data digitally, in addition to tower climbs

Proud and Active Members of Leading Telecom Industry Groups

We designed our tower platform to be simple yet powerful, solving real problems with concrete solutions for the wireless infrastructure market. Our patents prove our solution is revolutionizing tower asset management and delivering modern workflows driving efficiencies and boosting profits across the ecosystem.

Dan CiprariCEO and Co-founder, Pointivo

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