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Pointivo Tower Analytics

Pointivo uses drone-captured imagery to generate digital twins of telecom towers and ground space assets, guaranteeing the highest accuracy (sub-1/4” accuracy on a 400-foot tower) and fidelity while ensuring employee safety.

Our powerful AI-driven modeling engine enables seamless 2D to 3D models. Pointivo Tower Analytics drives highly efficient tower audit, inspection, and other engineering deliverables that accelerate the delivery of valuable data for telecom tower design and maintenance.

How We Help Customers

Tower Engineering Firms

  • Accurately measure dimensions of tower structures, mounts and equipment for faster mapping and data collection to drive engineering deliverables
  • Accelerate the delivery of design and structural analysis, maintenance, and inspection reporting
  • Eliminate return inspections due to missing in-field data by accessing a complete digital catalog of tower structures and assets

Tower Owners

  • Increase accuracy and turnaround time for TIA’s and audits for contract compliance from weeks to days
  • Rapidly determine available space on towers to drive sales and leasing contracts
  • Reduce safety risk and maintain compliance by decreasing the number of tower climbs

Network Carriers

  • Support 5G build-outs by quickly collecting tower data regardless of weather, resources, or data constraints
  • Review high-resolution “digital twin” images to confirm precise equipment placement with detailed measurements, structural data, and ground space
  • Streamline data collection for engineering requirements driven by tower modifications

Cell Site Technicians

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of tower reporting using precise digital imagery and equipment measurements
  • Reduce repetitive tower climbs and safety risks by integrating drone technology for tower-bid walks, inspections, and photo close out packages
  • Support 5G build-out by increasing your teams’ capacity to inspect and collect data digitally, in addition to tower climbs

Application Features

Seamless high-res imagery for 3D inspection

Powerful 3D visualization tools seamlessly integrate high-res imagery to allow users to virtually “walk the tower” from any angle

Precise measurements

Sub-1/4” accuracy on a 400-foot tower and 0.5-degree angle accuracy enables precise modeling of antenna azimuth, down tilt and RAD height

Integrated equipment catalogs

AI-driven software associates antennas, dishes, ancillary equipment, mounts, lines and ground space assets to industry equipment catalogs

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce the frequency, labor and compliance costs, and safety risks of repetitive data collection tower climbs
  • Integration and output with industry standard engineering and software modeling solutions
  • Single, consolidated system of record for managing inventory of tower equipment, structures and the ground space
  • AI-driven automatic categorization and mapping of tower equipment

"Pointivo’s Tower Analytics is a critical component to our tower audit process. They have created an ingenious integration of 2D imagery in a 3D environment to greatly speed up our processes. They are clearly experts in their field."

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