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Before and After: The WFH Solution You Need to Conduct Roof Assessments in The New Normal

By September 3, 2020February 27th, 2023No Comments

In a previous post, we noted that remote, contactless work is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused every industry to rethink how they conduct business while also keeping health and safety top of mind. But what does that mean for roof assessments? The idea of performing an assessment without setting foot on the roof may seem outlandish, if not just plain crazy.  

Traditional roof surveys require lots of time on the roof manually gathering photos, measurements, and notes to compile a deliverable report. It also requires communication with facility managers, face-to-face interaction, and coordination to gain access to different roof systems. For a complex facility, such as a hospital, this exercise can take several weeks.

At Pointivo, we believe roof assessments can be easier, more efficient, and produce results that are more valuable to both you and the building owner. Moreover, in the wake of COVID-19, our solution fosters remote work and employee safety, critical elements of the new normal. 

Read on and compare the challenges of traditional methods to the values of a Pointivo-driven process. 

The Old Way: Extraordinary Effort Yields Ordinary Results 

  1. Phone Calls, Emails & Meetings
    Traditional surveys begin with multiple touchpoints with the facility manager, including phone calls, emails, and meetings to plan for and schedule your visit to the facility, as well as sketch the roof layout. Not only does this consume much of your valuable time, but in the age of COVID-19, scheduling assessments can be even more challenging as facility managers have implemented greater access restrictions for their buildings. 
  2. Several People, Several Weeks
    When dealing with a complex facility such as a hospital, the roof assessment often takes several employees a long time to gain access, navigate, and document multiple roof systems – from several days to several weeks. Again, this is a very time-consuming process that also puts your people at greater risk.
  3. A Static Report
    Finally, a traditional assessment ends back at the office to manually transfer measurements, create CAD drawings, organize photos, and create a dense, static report. This deliverable only provides your customer with a snapshot in time and only for the portions of their rooftop in scope. It contains little analysis of any long-term value, effectively closing the book on the transaction.

The New Way with Pointivo: Efficiency Helps You Work Smarter & Grow Your Business

  1. Organization & Confirmation in One Click
    Forget the back-and-forth of trying to get on the facility manager’s schedule. With Pointivo, you don’t even need to leave your desk to organize a roof assessment. Simply provide us with the facility’s address and we’ll take care of the rest. 
  2. One Pilot, One Day
    Pointivo deploys one of 15,000 certified pilots from its Drone Pilot Network – the largest in the country – to capture imagery of the facility’s roof. The pilot completes the session in one day and does not need assistance from the facility manager or any other personnel. These contactless surveys take a fraction of the time while keeping your workforce at a safe, remote distance.
  3. An Interactive Analysis That Takes the Roof Off the Market 
    Pointivo’s Spatial IQ: Commercial Roofing platform analyzes the drone imagery and extracts key data about your roof system, identifying needed repairs and opportunities for preventative maintenance. This comprehensive, data-driven analysis gives you the insight needed plan, monitor, and maintain the roof over time. But it also differentiates your offering from your competitors and gives you a cost-effective way to open up new business in long-term preventative maintenance contracts and ultimately roof replacements. This interactive deliverable supports a stronger, trusted relationship with the facility manager and effectively “takes the roof off the market.”

The Spatial IQ Difference

The Spatial IQ platform underpinning Pointivo’s Commercial Roofing product combines AI, computer vision and advanced analytics to deliver the information needed to quickly estimate for repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs or track roof deficiencies – all while keeping boots safely on the ground.  It dramatically reduces the time spent on a roof assessment and inventory by automatically delivering finely detailed, accurate dimensional data and insights.

The platform provides commercial roofers and contractors with a powerful tool that will impact business decisions relating to measurement, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting, and risk mitigation.

Pointivo can help differentiate your service with the most innovative and powerful analytics, visualization, and reporting tools. Contact us about your next roof assessment and experience the before and after for yourself.