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Pointivo’s AI-powered solution keeps business moving through COVID-19

By April 28, 2020February 27th, 2023No Comments

How COVID is Impacting Businesses

At the end of March, Roofing Contractor Publisher Jill Bloom and Editorial Director Rick Damato hosted a webinar with roofing industry leaders to discuss COVID-19 and how they are managing their businesses through this ongoing global crisis. In real-time, companies are looking for ways to increase the safety and health of their employees without losing sight of the need to be prepared for an economic rebound. The panel relayed the innovative and creative methods they’re deploying to keep business moving, including keeping up morale, coping with supply chain interruptions, leveraging technology and managing delayed, or even canceled, jobs.


Pointivo Identified as an Ideal Solution During These Uncertain Times

Steve Little, CEO of KPost Roofing and WaterProofing, identified Pointivo as a technology making a difference in his company’s response to the pandemic and the resulting need for contactless work. “We’re using Pointivo for aerial assessments,” said Little. “We’re doing about 40 buildings right now, and that work can continue on based on the drone pilots out there doing the work.”

The company’s solution generates spatial intelligence by analyzing high-res imagery of roofs, buildings and surrounding areas, taken by drones or any common capture method, to extract location, measurement, and understanding of physical assets and structures. These contactless assessments deliver the information needed to quickly budget for repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs, and track deficiencies, all while keeping employees on the ground and at a safe distance.


Pointivo’s platform gives companies a unique advantage

Little is also the CEO of National Roofing Partners (NRP), and when Damato asked how the organizations’ practices were changing in light of COVID-19, he noted that large scale projects have reacted in varying degrees. Some clients, such as Walmart, are continuing projects as usual, while others, like Sam’s Club, are bringing work to a halt. However, Little said that Pointivo’s AI-powered solution is allowing NRP to be flexible in its methods to get the job done.

“We launched our partnership with Pointivo in February at the International Roofing Expo (IRE), and we’ve been getting a lot of traction on that now from people saying ‘wait, we don’t want you on our buildings, maybe we can go down this other path,’” Little explained. Here is an informative video that provides an overview on how Pointivo can help your company respond to the rapidly changing conditions impacting your business.


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