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Considering the savings in manpower – Pointivo is worth every cent

By April 28, 2020February 27th, 2023No Comments

In early April, Pointivo’s Bill Wilkins, Vice President of Innovation, joined Deryl Kratzer, Vice President, for a Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) Virtual Meetup, where they introduced Pointivo’s Spatial IQ technology to the RT3 membership.


High-Res Imagery Reveals the Big Picture, Supports the Bottom Line

During the Tech Talk, Kratzer and Wilkins described Pointivo’s Spatial IQ technology and its many benefits. Spatial IQ generates spatial intelligence using high-resolution imagery of roofs, buildings and surroundings for easy planning, monitoring and maintenance of exterior facility assets. The imagery is captured by one of 15,000 certified pilots by Pointivo’s drone pilot network partner – “the largest in the U.S. covering all 50 states,” mentioned Wilkins.

The technology combines machine learning, computer vision and advanced analytics to extract location, measurement and spatial understanding about physical objects with the highest-level accuracy. “We believe benefits include liability reduction, roof condition assessments, and the ability to project out a 5-to-10-year budget plan,” explained Kratzer.


Major Savings in Time and Manpower

The technology also offers substantial savings of time and manpower. Traditional roof assessments are multi-day processes, even longer on a large campus. However, when a San Antonio college campus sought an inventory of its roof contents and condition – a two-month project by traditional standards – Pointivo was able to complete the job in less than three weeks. “The [roofing] industry is facing a workforce crisis,” Kratzer said. “This helps you do more work with fewer people.”


The Investment is Worth Every Cent 

Kratzer shared that the industry’s reception of Spatial IQ was better than they could have hoped. “I’ve done at least 12 demos and at least one job has closed out of each one,” he said. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback.”


“It’s not only customer feedback, it’s our partner feedback,” added Rodney Shrader, NRP President. “Once [our partners] see the savings of manpower, the investment is worth every cent.”

Shrader also provided a telling example of this value. “A customer hired a consultant to conduct assessments across 500 roofs in San Antonio. In three months, the consultant had finished seven,” he explained. “We told the customer that, in that timeframe, we would have completed all 500.”


Check out the full presentation here