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The new AI-driven digital twin product enables enterprise organizations to quickly and easily capture, inspect, and report asset deficiencies, furthering Pointivo’s mission to power how industry leaders inspect, monitor, and manage their physical assets.

ATLANTA, GA – August 8, 2023 – Pointivo, Inc., a leading AI-driven software platform for physical asset inspections, today launched Pointivo for Asset Inspection with its patented digital twin, SmartNav technology. The new product is an inspection platform that accelerates the discovery, observation, and resolution of problem areas using digital twins for all physical asset types. Pointivo for Asset Inspection is an application built on top of Pointivo’s digital twin platform and created to work in conjunction with Pointivo’s specialized industry-specific applications offering both automation and AI-driven features and benefits. 

Pointivo for Asset Inspection is ideal for global organizations in the telecom, facility, and property management, oil and gas, and utility industries as well as technology, engineering, consulting firms, and specialized drone service providers seeking to inspect multiple assets from any location. The new inspection platform provides Pointivo’s customers with the following:

  • The power and precision of SmartNav™ technology – a precise 360° visual navigation system that powers virtual inspection.
  • Patented AI can automate common tasks such as identifying areas of interest, highlighting common problem areas, and auto-detecting changes across time.
  • A detailed AI-driven assistant, DigitalTwinGPT, for problem-resolution suggestions. 
  • Fast, flexible, and easy-to-use customized reporting. 

“This product was built for all types of physical assets and industries. We’re excited to see how organizations use our powerful, once white-labeled, platform and patented technologies to get more done – faster and safer than ever before,” stated Jacob Garland, CTO, “To put it simply – capture once, inspect many, and get the right information to the right people easily.”


Locate assets across your portfolio.


Observe multiple problem areas.


Generate custom reports.

Pointivo for Asset Inspection is a solution for organizations to complete virtual inspections while maximizing operational efficiency. It addresses workforce shortages, reduces errors, increases safety, and saves on time, travel, and expenses while providing customized reports and analytics for diverse teams across the organization.

“We are excited to bring our AI-driven inspection capabilities to a broader set of enterprise users,” stated Dan Ciprari, CEO. “Pointivo for Asset Inspection empowers global corporations with an intuitive, comprehensive solution that greatly simplifies processes around their assets for the full lifecycle of those assets.”

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Media contact: Amy Wiegand
Mobile: 757.286.3533