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AI Driven Platform Powered by Automation + Precision

Drone Inspection Services & Data Analytics Platform

At Pointivo, we apply AI to the physical world to create and extract new discoveries, views and insights. We define this as Physical Asset Inspection. We then combine AI, computer vision and advanced analytics into our powerful drone data analytics platform that drives deeper understanding of the world around us.

Drone Inspection Services with Data Analysis Creates Value Across Industries

By combining our drone inspection services with our data analytics platform, we create value across a wide range of industries and applications, empowering customers with unique perspectives for insightful action. By delivering accurate, finely detailed and unique data, our cutting-edge technology helps simplify processes and decisions relating to measurement, change analysis, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation.

Commercial Roofing

Dramatically reduce time spent on roof assessments and inventory while improving safety and insights.

Facility Management

Dramatically reduce time spent on facility assessments and inventory while improving safety and insights.

Residential Roofing + Solar

Improve efficiency and save time and money with the most accurate AI engine for the roofing industry.


Complete end-to-end full tower audits in as little as 30 minutes with industry-leading accuracy.


Industry-leading prediction accuracy and inspection tools with minimal annotation and training.


Conduct virtual 3D inspections of construction sites with highly accurate cut and fill volume analytics.

According to our Partners,
We’re Transforming Asset Inspection

This single platform is a gamechanger for our partners and customers, reducing onsite inspection to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

President, National Roofing Partners (NRP)

Pointivo is the leader in the roofing analytics space. They are the only provider of roofing analytics who offers a highly accurate automated solution for high-res drone imagery.

Leading Drone Services Company

The Pointivo Platform is at the forefront of what’s possible in the high-res imagery analytics space. Pointivo’s platform offers the best tower inspection capabilities in a seamless 3D environment, greatly streamlining our customers’ manual processes; and it integrates perfectly with our tower flight software for the most complete tower analytics solution on the market.

Leading Drone and Data Company

The Pointivo Platform for telecom is a critical component to our tower audit process. They have created an ingenious integration of 2D imagery in a 3D environment to greatly speed up our processes. They are clearly experts in their field

Global Leader in Wireless Infrastructure

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