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What is Infratech? To the Point.

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Pointivo’s To the Point Series begins with Infratech.

What is infratech?

Simply put, infratech is the intersection of infrastructure and technology. It encompasses a wide range of solutions that integrate tech-led data and analytics with physical assets to boost productivity, reduce costs and drive efficiency.

Why is infratech important?

From the roads we drive on to the buildings we work in, virtually every person and business has an association with infrastructure. At the same time, digitization is happening all around us. The world is experiencing rapid technological transformation that is becoming increasingly interwoven with the day-to-day aspects of business.

Because of this, infratech has a wide variety of applications that can positively impact businesses globally.

What role does infratech play in the future of innovation?

With smarter technology comes a plethora of new and exciting opportunities to solve challenges with tech-enabled solutions. Innovations that once seemed impossible are now reality – and infratech has and will continue to play an important role in pushing the needle toward.

Moving forward, infratech will help companies achieve the following:

  1. Automation: A key factor to increasing efficiency is finding ways to move faster and at a higher volume. Infratech streamlines and automates processes so businesses can shift their focus from manual tasks to strategic initiatives that invest in the business.
  2. Accuracy: At least some degree of human error is inevitable when processes and systems rely on manual input. Rather than taking measurements by hand or using antiquated tools, infratech solutions capture a larger scope of more in-depth data to complete analyses that are far more accurate than what could be achieved without it.
  3. Safety: Historically, assessment and maintenance of infrastructure required truck rolls and boots on the ground. For example, a roofing technician might need to be on top of a multi-story building to inspect a commercial roof in need of repairs. Leveraging infratech such as a drone inspection system minimizes safety risks involved with manual inspections and surveying. The same would be true for inspecting a bridge, roads or power supplies.
  4. Risk mitigation: It is critical to address damage as early as possible with infrastructure. In settings where the infrastructure is frequented by people, such as bridges or high power transmission or power lines, unnoticed damage could result in safety violations or in the worst case catastrophic failure. From a business perspective, unaddressed issues can quickly escalate into financial burdens that could have easily been avoided with early detection.
  5. Predictive modeling: Many infratech solutions collect data and use machine learning to produce forecasts and modeling that help businesses make smarter decisions. This can be in the form of budgeting for future maintenance and materials costs or detecting inefficiencies.

Pointivo’s Intersection with Infratech

what is infratech

As the leader in Infratech Asset Inspection, our solutions take a deeper dive into physical asset inspection to deliver more accurate insights. Advanced AI and data-driven analytics combined with leading drone technology help organizations or municipalities confidently step into the future of infratech.

Because of our experience and expertise with industry leading drone manufacturers and operators, we are able to capture more data in a short timeframe than manual assessments or traditional imaging. Not only does this provide a more holistic view on physical asset management, it also results in material cost savings through automation and tech-enabled data collection.

Interested in learning more about Pointivo’s AI-Powered Infratech Asset Inspection? Contact us here.