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Pointivo & Skydio publish ebook on High-precision Telecom Management

By October 8, 2021February 27th, 2023No Comments

Pointivo & Skydio team up to develop ebook on Enterprise Drone Inspection with the Pointivo Tower Analytics Platform

Our friends at Skydio just released Volume 5 of their eBook series, this edition titled: “High-precision Telecom Management: How to get decision-quality data from your drone program.” The eBook, featuring Pointivo Tower Analytics, covers the use of 3D models and insights for drone-powered wireless telecom asset inspections.

telecom tower analytics platform

These high-precision drone programs leveraging 3D models and insights, safely and efficiently replace the time-consuming and dangerous risk to climbers inspecting the nearly 120,000 cell towers in the United States. As the wireless industry continues to invest enormous sums to build out 5G networks, there is a requirement for much more data collection on both the front and back-end of construction and tower modifications to take place over the next several years, thus making this eBook incredibly timely.

Pointivo’s Tower Analytics platform has processed more than tens of thousands powered digital twins in the last year using various drone hardware platforms for capture. However, this eBook features how we provided a 3D model and insights leveraging Skidio 2 and Skydio X2 drones using Skydio 3D Scan software. This powerful partnership combines Skydio’s superior autonomous data capture combined with the power of  Pointivo’s Tower Analytics solution.

Pointivo Tower Analytics transforms audit and inspection workflows with dimensionally accurate 3D digital twins and AI-powered analytics. Pointivo’s patented solutions revolutionize the way companies collect and manage their physical asset data, improving business decisions through accuracy and science.

Designed as a powerful, yet intuitive tool, Pointivo Tower Analytics uses rich 3D visualization, integrated with legacy databases, equipment catalogs, and engineering software programs that drive more efficient wireless infrastructure initiatives.

We are thrilled to contribute to Skydio’s eBook and believe it is worth the read. Click here to download the eBook.

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High-Precision Telecom Management

How to get decision-quality data from your drone program?