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Efficiency is the name of the game for building enclosure consultants to be successful moving forward. And with new technologies—drones, automation, AI—coming into the fold, you can work smarter, and ultimately, drive more value.

Look at the roofing industry. The industry has experienced consistent annual growth of 2.7% since 2012 and 85% of roofing contractors expect to see continued growth over the next three years. To continue this momentum, many roofing professionals are looking at new technology. That’s why 55% of roofing companies say they’re looking at automation, AI, and predictive analytics over the next few years.

Facility and building asset management is going digital. Why send five different people to inspect a building when you can send one person with a drone and you can view the entire digital asset from the comfort of your desk?

From damage detection to inventory to maintenance reporting and beyond, learn how drone technology allows you to complete projects faster, save costs, mitigate risk, and make data-informed decisions for facility and building asset management.

Break Down Physical Limitations with Drones

In the midst of a volatile market, professionals face continued sky-high inflation, labor shortages, and rising materials costs. With these macroeconomic challenges at play, you need ways to continue executing on projects and optimize your time.

That’s where drone-capture data processed using AI comes in. Here’s how it works. In the case of using drones for facade or roof inspections, for example, a drone pilot captures data of your physical asset in mere hours. From there, Pointivo’s AI-driven software platform automates your report in less than 48 hours. With these insights, you save time by precisely identifying maintenance issues and helping you better estimate what you need for a job, all while keeping boots safely on the ground. No need to be onsite for inspection when you can work remotely, walking your facility assets via Pointivo’s virtual navigation tool comparing the detailed photos to precise and data-rich digital twins.

This not only saves time, but money as well. You can feel more confident in ordering the right quantity of materials, organizing job sites with the right equipment, like booms and forklifts, and knowing that your completed project will pass inspections and receive the necessary warranties they need. Additionally, you can complete a pre and post construction inspection in a fraction of the time by deploying a drone, thereby increasing your efficiency, lessening your travel time, and saving your company money, while increasing the amount of projects you can bid on.

Inform Decision-Making with AI-Driven Analytics & Drone Data-Capture

Data will be a key asset in your ability to successfully execute on facility and building projects. With Pointivo’s data-rich digital twin software  platform + drone-capture, many skilled professionals are saving time, money, and getting proactive with their maintenance and inspection strategy.

But, data by itself isn’t enough to drive value, however. Sifting through a thousand drone images is not much better than physically going on site. In fact, sometimes it can be more work. Partnering with a data analytics team can help you act on that data so you can identify potential deficiencies, get accurate measurements, and inform future planning. 

Start driving more value today. Connect with our team to learn more.

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