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Virtual 3D Inspection of Construction Sites

Pointivo’s Construction Site Inspection Platform

Pointivo Construction Site Drone Inspection Service

Pointivo’s Construction Site Drone Inspection Platform is being utilized by leading companies to solve real problems in the construction industry. The platform ingests high-res drone imagery and utilizes integrated AI, computer vision and advanced analytics to offer time and cost-saving capabilities.

Pointivo works with drone partners and innovative construction partners using the construction site inspection automation platform to provide AI-driven 3D visualization tools to virtually inspect a site for compliance.

Pointivo’s cloud-based construction site inspection application delivers detailed physical asset measurements and analysis extracted from drone-captured imagery, allowing comparison to as-planned BIM models and tracking of progress over time. AI-driven 3D visualization tools enable virtual 3D inspection of a construction site, providing highly accurate cut and fill volume analytics to save time and money in site preparation.

Construction Site Inspection Platform Supports

Drone Platforms and Pilot Networks

Construction Contractors

Engineering Services

  • Improve efficiency and reduce cost of site monitoring
  • Automate construction site progress tracking
  • Virtually walk around structures to perform detailed, contactless inspection
  • Reduce errors with detailed cut and fill metrics

Construction Site Inspection Platform Features

  • API access for simple integration into drone capture asset inventory workflow
  • Automatic generation of 3D dimensional data for site structures
  • Annotating images and maps for easier communication
  • Fully-autonomous processing pipeline
  • Powerful 3D visualization engine to virtually walk site and assets
  • AI-driven automatic categorization and mapping of structures in the scene
  • Detailed cut and fill analytics


Experience the Future of 3D with Pointivo Construction Site Inspection Platform Automation

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