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Pointivo’s patented technology uses deep machine learning and computer vision to extract 3D object intelligence from any imagery source. Our unique semantic segmentation process enables us to automatically recognize and identify 3D objects in photogrammetry, depth sensor, and laser scan point clouds… without the need for human intervention.

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Now Available

As drones become more prolific, we’re able to keep roofers safely off roofs and while reducing time and effort to capture accurate measurements and generate reports.

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Property insurance is built on accurate data. The flexibility of our platform is changing how the data is processed and analyzed. Using either photos or vides, from smart phones or drones, our 3D Intelligence platform generates 3D models of interior and exterior environments and extract pixel-level accurate measurements for import into claims or underwriting processes.

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Coming Spring 2018

Generating floor plans is either not easy or not accurate. Using just a cell phone camera or importing spatial data from a structure sensor, we can automatically generate accurate digital 2D/3D floor plans for import into any CAD or BIM software. The technology has been proven to work across environments, such as office spaces, industrial and commercial buildings, and hospitality environments.


Coming Spring 2018

BIM (Building Information Model) is revolutionizing the A/E/C industries by increasing productivity, reducing errors, and improving collaboration. Our intelligence platform can generate an accurate digital 3D model from a cell phone, camera, GoPro, etc, then will identify and extract 3D objects, and apply semantic intelligence for import into BIM software, such as Revit.

Mixed Reality

Coming Fall 2018

The future of Mixed Reality (both Augmented and Virtual Reality) is just around the corner. Interior Design, Real Estate, Construction, Retail, and Gaming markets have an increasing need to create intelligent 3D content. Pointivo’s 3D intelligence platform automatically detects important feature points and identifies and extracts 3D objects from any camera, cell phone, or structure sensor, which gives us a unique ability to create digital models for both AR and VR environments.

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