Automatic 3D Intelligence

Extracting 3D Objects from Reality Capture

Pointivo’s patented technology uses deep machine learning and computer vision to extract 3D object intelligence from any imagery source. Our unique semantic segmentation process enables us to automatically recognize and identify 3D objects in photogrammetry, depth sensor, and laser scan point clouds… without the need for human intervention.

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Measuring twice is a thing of the past. Simplify the measuring and CAD creation process, eliminate errors, and improve accuracy with your phone or drone.

Pointivo is revolutionizing the roofing, insurance, and surveying industries with the ability to create a CAD model from any device. Use your phone, drone, camera, or Google Tango to capture data that can be used in your CAD workflow.

Coming Spring 2017

Remove the need for expensive laser scanners and time-consuming modeling procedures with Pointivo’s models, which are dynamically generated and updated.

Pointivo can be used in the A/C/E industries with its patented computer vision and machine learning algorithms. BIM models can be easily created with algorithms that extract 3D objects from any capture device.

Coming Fall 2017

In the future, Pointivo will integrate with VR by enabling anyone with a smart phone to create interactive and immersive 3D models of their surroundings and environments.

For content creators, gamers, and the real estate model, Pointivo creates targetless 3D tracking for usage in augmented reality.

Accuracy Testing

A feasibility study was conducted to compare the output of a modern laser scan to Pointivo’s patented point cloud. This study focused on generating a 3D point cloud of the interior, exterior, and roof of a 50,000 sq/ft commercial warehouse.

Pointivo reconstructed the roof from a drone video, and captured the interior with a smartphone 4k camera. Pointivo’s point clouds were structurally accurate when compared to the laser scans.

Our Point Cloud vs Lasers

A 2D layout view of our point cloud compared to the laser scan in blue. Our cloud is structurally accurate and aligns with perfectly with the laser scan.

Close up comparison of our point cloud overlaid on the laser scan (in red).

Close up comparison of floor flatness. Our point cloud was able to detect and reconstruct the dip in the floor.

Laser scans are the gold standard in accuracy. Our accuracy is +/- 1/2

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Process

Machine Learning Process

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