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Reconstructing 3D Models From Drone Videos

Pointivo’s 3D Intelligence platform leverages proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms to enable us to create the next generation of 3D CAD models using imagery captured from any drone. This process keep roofers safely on the ground while streamlining the estimation, design, and fabrication processes.

Drone Capture to 3D Model

Residential and commercial roofs can be measured accurately from any drone imagery. Pointivo can import any imagery to reconstruct a 3D model and use our cloud-based algorithms to extract dimensions and generate a CAD model and roofing report.


Use a drone capture to take photos or video. Keep roofers, adjusters, and estimators off the roof to calculate roofing estimates, conduct visual inspections, and generate accurate roofing reports.


Proprietary computer vision algorithms generate a dimensionally accurate 3D model. Accuracy is approximately 1% error across most roofs.


From imagery to measurements, Pointivo can generate its own proprietary point clouds or can generate CAD model automatically from competitor point clouds.


Marrying machine learning to computer vision, Pointivo has developed algorithms to automatically extract measurements, generate a CAD model, and created to visual inspection tool to ensure perfect accuracy.


Pointivo’s RoofTool replicates the common tasks currently done standing on the roof. Contractors, Estimators, and Inspectors can inspect roofing conditions, visually verify measurements, and take notes within the Tool without setting foot on the roof. Once the model has been verified, the Tool exports an accurate roofing report and CAD model.

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