Eureka Park Preview: Pointivo Is The Future Of 3D Modeling, Measurement and Intelligence, Now

November 16, 2017
Bill Wilkins

CES 2018: Pointivo Is A 3D Intelligence Platform That Captures Accurate Models and Measurements From Any Imagery Source, Even Smartphones.

If you’re in the insurance business, construction business or roofing business and need 3d models and measurements of houses and buildings, it can be a very costly endeavor. Laser scanning devices for these kinds of applications typically start at $2,000. Hiring outside companies that do this work can start at 2x more.

Aside from cost, these processes can take a long time and in most cases, you would want to measure twice if you’re using your own 3d laser scanning device, and you may even want to have that laser scanning company measure twice for accuracy.

Pointivo is an Atlanta based startup that has created a 3D intelligence platform that uses computer vision, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms to generate digital models for CAD, BIM and VR systems. It’s innovative technology and the most advanced of it’s kind. The best part is that it uses imagery from any source, even your smartphone to provide accurate 3D intelligence.

Pointivo automatically extracts dimensionally accurate 3D models of as-built environments from any capture device, including drones, smartphones or depth sensing technology without the need for expensive laser scanners or special hardware.

How accurate can it be from a smartphone or drone?

Pointivo conducted an accuracy test in a 50,000 square foot warehouse. Pointivo created a dimensionally accurate 3D point cloud in 2 hours with the camera of an iPhone 6. The point cloud accuracy was almost identical to an expensive laser scanner that took over 2 days and 50 set points to scan.

The advantages to Pointivo are clear.  Not only is Pointivo far less costly, but it’s much easier to learn than other complicated hardware. This means that contractors, foremen or even insurance agents can supply the imagery needed to render accurate 3D intelligence for whatever their need is.

Here’s how it works:

  • Capture video from any camera including GoPro’s, smartphones, drones, DSLR cameras or plain old video cameras.
  • Analyze. Pointivo reconstructs the scene using proprietary algorithms to extract lines, edges and accurate measurements.
  • Model. Model the points to create a 3D model with detailed dimensions for integration with other applications.
  • Intelligence. Extract reality intelligence and use those insights inside your CAD/BIM applications.

Pointivo is a great solution for a variety of uses and industries including roofing, flooring, insurance, construction, mixed reality and more.

Check out this video:

Original article by Robert Morris

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