Pointivo Takes 3D Intelligence On the Road

December 07, 2017
Bill Wilkins

Takeaways from 2017 commercial drone and construction technology industry events

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the commercial drone and construction technology industries. As we prepare for new opportunities in the year ahead, we took time to reflect on the busy months we have had recently. From intimate think tanks to massive expos, the Pointivo team attended seven trade events across the country this fall to discuss 3D intelligence in roofing, construction and commercial drone industries. We hope you will take a moment to catch up on where we have been as we share insights from each event.

SRWA Fall Conference 2017

September 19-22 | Hershey, Pennsylvania

Aerial View Hershey Park Pointivo Drone

Aerial view of Hershey Park, captured by the Pointivo drone at SRWA 2017.

The Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance Fall Conference was a gathering of architecture, roofing and building consulting, and product manufacturing professionals from all over the world.

Bill Wilkins, Pointivo VP of Customer Innovation, gave a presentation on the role of drones and 3D intelligence in roofing and construction, and also received special permission to fly a drone to capture an aerial view of Hershey Park and demo a live roofing measurement by drone.

Key Takeaways: Construction technology is a multibillion-dollar market with a slew of use cases for 3D intelligence that are being explored worldwide.

SuperNova South

October 2-6 | Atlanta, Georgia

SuperNova South was a comprehensive meeting of the southeastern tech ecosystem, with participation and thought leadership from c-suite executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, business owners, Fortune 25 corporations, students, and more. The five-day conference featured ten different tracks, including startups, mobile and IoT, health technology, BuiltTech and more.

Bill Wilkins participated in a panel with other experts in the drone industry to discuss the future of drones in the BuiltTech industry, use cases, and measurement accuracy in 3D models created from drone or mobile imagery.

Key Takeaways: Construction planning, surveying and engineering projects are only as effective as the data they are built on, and the construction industry is ripe for disruption by drone technology. The Federal Aviation Administration has a lot of regulation in the pipeline – on topics such as flying drones, flying drones over people, flying beyond the visual line of sight, and more – that will impact the pace of commercial drone adoption.


October 2-6| Atlanta, Georgia

A diverse mix of international speakers, AEC and tech industry professionals, investors, academics, and press convened at BuiltTech to discuss how technology is shaping the built environment.

Pointivo had the opportunity to demo its 3D intelligence solutions and exhibit at the Tech Showcase. We also gave two presentations on 3D intelligence in IoT and construction, and the role of drones in the future of smart cities.

Key Takeaways: Atlanta is rapidly becoming a hub for technological innovation in the southeast, thanks to lower business costs and access to capital and talent. People from all over the world flew in to present and hear about the future of technology and how drones, AI, machine learning, and computer vision are shaping the smart cities of the future.

Stanley Black and Decker Summit

October 19 | Atlanta, Georgia

Pointivo met with Stanley Black and Decker employees to discuss Pointivo APIs for 3D automation, the company’s trajectory, and how Pointivo can bridge gaps in innovation and construction technology.

Key Takeaways: Bigger companies are looking to startups to find new ways to innovate existing product lines. Black and Decker is one example and is interested in companies like Pointivo that can help innovate in emerging areas such as augmented and virtual reality. 

RT3 Roofing Technology Think Tank

October 23 | Atlanta, Georgia

Pointivo hosted the RT3 Roofing Technology Think Tank in Atlanta for professionals in the roofing industry to share thought leadership and brainstorm ideas on roofing technology. The event included speaking sessions on topics such as IoT and 3D intelligence and machine learning, small group brainstorming sessions, networking events and a tour of the Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center and 3D printing lab.

Key Takeaways: The roofing industry is also ripe for disruption by drone technology. When compared to the insurance industry, roofing has been slower to adopt drone technology, but there are many trailblazers in the industry who are evaluating new technology. These people are creating great inroads for drone technology in roofing and establishing themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

2017 Americas Commercial UAV Expo

October 24-26 | Las Vegas, Nevada

The Commercial UAV Expo showcases innovation in drone technology in industries as diverse as construction, agriculture, mining, law enforcement and more. Analysts and drone experts Colin Snow of Skylogic Research and Mike Blades of Frost & Sullivan presented the keynote on the Commercial Drone Market, identifying AI, machine learning and value-added services as key areas for growth in 2018.

Key Takeaways: Drone hardware is becoming less expensive, drones are getting smarter, options for drone insurance and training programs are growing, and UAV use and adoption is happening all over the world. Moreover, the possibilities created by data extracted from drones appeared to generate even more excitement than the devices themselves.

DJI Airworks 2017

November 7-9 | Denver, Colorado

DJI Airworks focused on applied drone solutions for challenges in the commercial industry, featuring exhibitions, training and industry insights from professionals in UAV hardware, software and services. DJI announced FlightHub, which supports real-time feeds on drones and allows enterprise customers to effectively manage a fleet of drones and clients.

Key Takeaways: An enormous amount of data is coming from drone, mobile, satellite, and aerial imagery, creating a great need for intelligence extraction.

We’re excited to continue the conversation at CES, IRE and Spar3D and other industry events next year. To set up a meeting or find out more about Pointivo, contact us.

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